The Vampire Facial ™

The Vampire Facial is a minimally invasive procedure using microneedling in conjunction with the patient’s own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin). The PRP/PRF, which contains powerful growth factors, is applied topically while the microneedling channels are open to penetrate the epidermal layer of the skin. This helps to promotes collage production, reduction in fine lines and re-energizes cells to appear healthier, firmer and produces glowing skin. The Vampire Facial is different than the Vampire Facelift because it is applied topically and transdermally, leaving you with a dewy glow and firmer skin.

How is the Procedure done?

It is a simple procedure. First, we draw a small amount of your blood with a small needle. It is then spun in a centrifuge to separate your red blood cells from the platelet-rich plasma and fibrin. We then take that “liquid gold” or plasma/fibrin and use it for the procedure.

You will numb for approximately ½ hour before the procedure to make it more comfortable.

The skin is then aerated by the microneedling, which creates microscopic holes or channels. The microneedling allows the PRP/PRF entrance into the skin, which is applied topically during the procedure. A final layer of the PRP/PRF will be applied that will be left on the skin overnight.

What is my down time?

You should expect at least one-three days of downtime.  You will go home with the PRP/PRF on the face and could have a blood-like appearance due to the microscopic holes caused by the procedure.  The next day you can wash your face.  You may have imperfections in the skin for a couple of days, but most clients report you can easily cover this up with makeup.  Because the PRP/PRF has so many healing properties, your healing is drastically quicker than performing microneedling with a basic serum.

What should I expect from doing this procedure?

Since the PRP/PRF has many growth factors, it will stimulate collagen production and energize cells. You should experience a reduction in fine lines, improvement of texture and tone of the skin, and improvement with dark pigmentation and scars.

Seychelles want to make sure that this is the right procedure for you.  We would love for you to come in for a complimentary consult.

At Seychelles Laser & Med Spa, We are Vampire Facial™ Specialists

Our injector, Lychelle, has been extensively trained with PRP therapy and was the first in the Woodlands to train privately with Dr. Runels who invented the Vampire Facelift®, the Vampire Facial®, the “P-Shot” for Women, and the Priapus Shot®.

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