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Introduction to Vitamin Injections

At our boutique practice in The Woodlands, Vitamin Injections are a popular wellness treatment. We don’t always get the nutrients and minerals we need from our diet. When ingested orally, a significant amount of the nutrients are lost in the digestive process. If you’re looking for efficient ways of improving your health, come to Seychelles Med & Laser Spa so we can get you feeling better and refreshed with our wide variety of Vitamin Injections.

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What are Vitamin Injections?

Vitamin Injections are concentrated nutrients that allow your body to utilize 100% of the benefits by having them administered directly into your bloodstream. We offer Lipo-B Skinny which aids with weight loss, boosts metabolism, and helps elevate energy levels. Biotin is great for hair, nail, and skin growth and enhancement. Tri-Immune is a potent immunity booster containing Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Zinc. Vitamin D3 helps with bone strength, Vitamin D deficiency, and fighting infection. Lastly, L-Taurine, is a powerful amino acid great for reducing inflammation, and improving mental and exercise performance.

What are the Benefits of Vitamin Injections?

In addition to making you feel better and increasing your energy levels, Vitamin Injections offer the following benefits:

  • More efficient than a pill or a supplement
  • Personalized formulas to meet your needs
  • Provides full absorption of nutrients
  • Supervised so you know what is best for you

What type of Vitamin Injections does Seychelles offer?

  • Lipo B Skinny – $25
  • Boosts metabolism/burns fat!
  • Biotin – $30
  • Improves hair, skin, & nail health!
  • Vitamin D3 – $30
  • For vitamin D deficiency & bone health!
  • L-Taurine – $30
  • Improve Mental & Exercise performance!
  • Tri-Immune Boost – $30
  • Contains Glutathione, Vitamin C, & Zinc. Ultimate Immune System Enhancer!
  • Vitamin B5
  • Strengthens hair follicles, improves brittle nails, reduces dermal inflammation to help with acne and hair growth, to our Vitamin Injections.

IV Menu

All Day on the Yacht $175

Rehydrate and recover with this hangover IV. This special blend of fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals will have you feeling refreshed and ready to go in no time.

  • 1 liter of fluids + Zofran + B Complex + B12 + Vitamin C + and Glutathione IV push

Captain Myers $220

Your “Go To” IV. Great for full body hydration, increased energy, immunity boost. This drip also helps alleviate headaches, muscle aches, and PMS symptoms. This powerful drip is great for all over wellness.

  • 1 liter of fluids + Vitamin C + Vitamin B Complex + B12 + Zinc + Magnesium + and a Glutathione IV push

Commander Myers $240

When you need a little more boost than the Captain can supply we recommend the Commander. With the same power packed ingredients as the Captain Myers with the added benefit of high doses of Vitamin C and Glutathione.

Mermaid Magic $175

This magical elixor helps lighten and brighten your skin while reducing hyperpigmentation. Additional benefits include a boost to your energy and mood.

  • 1 liter of fluids + Vitamin C + Zinc + Biotin

Riptide $99

Hydrate and refresh your body with a liter fluids and/or electrolytes. Add on an additional 500 mls for an added hydration boost. Customize your hydration drip with the addition of one of our healthy boosters.

The Skinny Sailor $105

Jump start your new weight loss journey or amplify your current weight loss regimen with this specialty IV drip. Packed with nutrients and vitamins to target fat loss and rev up your metabolism.

  • Boost your weight loss with a shot of Lipo B Slim
  • 1 liter of fluids + High dose Carnitine + B Complex + B12 + Taurine

“Show me your mussels” $200

Enhance your physical performance and speed up muscle recovery with this power packed IV drip. This specialty drip aids in the building, support, and recovery of your muscles.

  • 1 liter of fluids + L Carnitine + L Arginine + B12 + B Complex + Glutathione IV push

Vitamin Sea $170

Vitamin C is essential for life and plays an integral part of forming blood vessels, muscles, cartilage, and collagen. Vitamin C also boosts your immune system and can reduce inflammation.

  • 1 liter of fluids + High Dose Vitamin C

Who are the Best Candidates for Vitamin Injections?

The best candidates for receiving Vitamin Injections in The Woodlands are those who are looking for improvement in the following areas:

  • Currently living a healthy lifestyle
  • Feeling fatigued
  • Have a positive, realistic mentality toward the treatment results
  • Need an energy boost
  • Need a metabolism boost
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What’s the first step?

The first step in getting Vitamin Injections in The Woodlands is to schedule your free consultations with one of our nurses who will be able to listen to your needs and determine what the best injections would be for you. If you agree with their recommendations, we will be able to administer the injections that day, or we can reschedule for a time better suited for you. You will also be given the full price breakdown of our Injections and how much they will cost you.

You must be honest about your medical history when discussing the injections during your consultation. This allows our nurses to make better-informed decisions and prevent any potential risks or side effects.

What to Expect on the Day of Vitamin Injections

When you receive your Vitamin Injection, the nurse will begin by sterilizing the injection spot. Then, using a standard-sized needle, she will inject the customized shot right into your arm

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Vitamin Injection Recovery

Once you have received your injection, you should begin experiencing the results within 24-72 hours depending on how your body metabolizes the vitamin and which particular shot you got. You may feel a little sore or some mild itching in the area your shot was administered, but you should feel fine within the hour.

You will be able to return to your normal routine immediately afterward.

How Much Do Vitamin Injections Cost in The Woodlands, TX?

The cost of Vitamin Injections in The Woodlands will vary depending on which injections you are receiving. We have listed the average prices above but when you come in for your consultation, you will be given a better understanding of how much everything will cost based on your needs.

Why choose us?

Whether you’re looking for a boost in metabolism, extra energy, or trying to lose weight, Seychelles Med & Laser Spa is the best place to receive your Vitamin Injections. Our boutique practice is run by Lychelle Jomsky who has many years of experience in aesthetic rejuvenation and wellness.

Schedule Your Consultation

Give your body the extra boost of nutrients it needs with Vitamin Injections. When you’re ready, give us a call today at (832) 813-8086 or request a free consultation through our website. A better feeling you is just a shot away.

Vitamin Injections FAQs


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